2/16/13 – Four months later…

Well it has been four months since I have started my new lifestyle. I can’t believe it has gone this fast. I also went shopping last weekend! Woohoo, I had to buy new smaller clothes. I have gone from 54″ jeans to 46″ jeans. And I am now Ina 2XLT shirt down from 4X and sometimes 5X shirts. Things have become routine for me from being able to know what I can and can’t eat in order to lose weight, to knowing what to order when I go out to eat at restaurants with friends or family. I am loving the way I feel and the energy level that comes from eating right. People are starting to really notice the weight loss and are encouraged by my story. It is inspirational being an inspiration to others. That sounds weird but I love helping other people be the best that they can, and a lot of times I would sacrifice taking care of myself to help others reach their goals. Now I can reach mine and by ding that help others reach theirs. It is so much better being able to help others AND take care of myself.

Loving life and living it more fully!

Results after 4 months:
Weight: 336.2
Total weight loss: 64.2 lbs; 16 lbs per month; 4 lbs per week; over half a pound a day average!

One more step from big to small!


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