Long time no update

Sorry for the delay in updating my blog. I know a few of you who have been following along on this journey have asked what is going on because I haven’t posted anything lately. So here it is and I will try to be better at updating more frequently.

I have been on track for the most part on my diet. I had introduced a few more carbs to see what would happen and if I could keep the 75 lbs off that I had lost. Since I had posted in march, I had gained 9 lbs. not bad for eating more carbs. Usually on low carb diets when you reintroduce carbs you balloon right back up. Not so with this diet. It took me 4 months to gain the 9 lbs and since 10 lbs was my threshold of not going over, I had to kick the diet back into action. The first three days which were last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I lost 6.8 PDF the 9 lbs. not bad huh?

I am maintaining the 6.8 weight loss now and I have incorporated some exercise. I have been riding my bike (real bike not stationary) which is a lot different than a stationary bike. More fun, but a little harder. I have some accountability to keep me on track with exercise set up so things should be good to go there.

I wanted to update this because for those who have read and have been inspired or those who have read and said yeah it will last for a little while, I am here to tell you I am never going to be heavier than 331lbs for the rest of my life, and if I keep losing which I eventually will, that number will be lowered to 10 lbs above what my lowest weight has become. I am in for the long haul and it is a lifelong journey.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me thus far and I look forward to the rest of my transformation as long or short as it may take.

One more step from big to small!


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