1/31/13 Update

So here is an update on my weights and measurements thus far. I have gained weight since yesterday but I am still under the 25 lbs needed to win the competition so I am still the winner, and like I said, it’s ok to gain here and there.

Results as of 1/31/13:
Weight: 338.2
Weight loss total: 62.2 lbs
Total inches: 293.75
Total inches lost: 40″ – that is over 3ft! At this point I have lost a small child, 3′ 4″ and 62 lbs!

Inches breakdown rounded to nearest 1/4 inch.
5″ lost off each arm
4″ lost off upper chest
5.5″ lost off chest
7.25″ lost off waist
6.75″ lost off hips
3″ lost off each thigh

One more step from big to small!


January 31 – Competition Over!

So you are probably wondering what’s the deal, who won, right? Well we will get to that.

What I realized during the competition is that it is good to have other people who are supporting you in your weight loss journey. Whether that comes in the form of a competition, or someone who encourages you to take it one day at a time, or someone just knowing that you are trying and therefore not offering you more food or pushing cookies and sweets at you. It is important to have everyone whom you normally come in contact with on your team and at least knowledgable of your goals. I wouldn’t have come this far without the people in my life who are supporting me every step of the way. They hold me accountable whether they know it or not.

Thank you to everybody who has had a part in my journey thus far, from coworkers to friends and family. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Results as of 1/30/13:
Weight – 336.8
Total weight lost: 63.6 lbs
Total weight lost since 12/2/12: the beginning if the competition – 26.8 lbs.

One more step from big to small!

New Year!

Well it is a new year and what does everyone typically do? New Years resolutions right? Well, not for this boy. New Years resolutions are hardly ever followed through with so I was not going to make any this year. I am just going to focus on keeping on taking care of myself. One day at a time one step at a time.
Here is a little something that has helped me this far. I have lost weight over thanksgiving and over Christmas, but went up a pound or two over New Years. This has happened numerous times during this process. I will lose two ponds and gain one, then lose 1 pound a day for a few days and then gain 2 pounds. It is not a steady loss and this is important to realize. Keep this in mind when you are trying to lose weight. You are not going to lose weight every day and sometimes you are going to feel stuck. DON’T GIVE UP or GIVE IN. Keep on pressing forward to your goal. I used to throw in the towel when I would fail on my diet in the past. Then I would go back to eating the way I used to and gain more weight than I lost on the diet. I have realized that “a diet” is what you eat. We are all on a diet. Diets don’t succeed or fail. I have come to realize that the way I have been eating has become a habit just like when I was eating bad food became a habit when I was doing that. If you stick to your guns and don’t throw in the towel and keep pressing on toward the goal, eventually it will become habit. Once it is habit, it is what it is. If I gain a pound one day, that’s ok, I know I am not going back to where I was and I will take that pound off eventually. It may just be one more day that it is going to take to reach my goal. Eventually I am going to reach my goal and I am the only person that can keep me from that. If I give in and throw in the towel, I will keep myself from reaching that goal. If I keep pressing on, no one one nothing can stop me. It is what it is and whenever I reach my goal or different mile stones, that is when I reach them.

Results as of New Year’s Day:
Weight: 349.6 lbs – up a pound from the 27th but that’s ok!

One more step from big to small…realizing it’s ok!


I made it through two holidays and my birthday! one more holiday to go!

Weight loss and measurement update!
Weight – 348.8
Total weight lost – 51.6 lbs
Total inches – 302.75
Total inches lost – 31 – that is just over 2 1/2 feet!

One more step from big to small!

Christmas 2012

Well another holiday that was on the horizon was finally here. I did well over thanksgiving and hopefully the momentum was going to push me through Christmas. My mom always makes her coffee cake for Christmas. It has been a tradition in our family since I can remember. How was I going to be able to give up the brown sugar laden coffee cake with melted butter on it and a big glass of milk. Not just one piece either, I usually had 3-4 pieces. Well Christmas Day was here and my goal was to break the 50 lb weight loss mark by Christmas morning. It started out at my wife’s families house and we had breakfast. I had ham and just a small teaspoon full of hash browns. My first potatoes in 2 and a half months. The ham was great, but I didn’t really care for the potatoes. I usually ate them up, but I think my taste buds are changing. I didn’t really care for them or need them, so I just had a little more ham and I was satisfied. Dinner at my families house consisted of London broil and vegetables. It was amazing! Another holiday down and another successful day toward my goal. I did well and didn’t cheat except for the small amount of potatoes that I really didn’t like. Thanks to setting up my family as one of my supports, nobody pushed food at me or asked if I wanted more like usual. I was always known to clean up the leftovers. Not this year, things have changed!

Results as of December 26th, the day after Christmas.
Total weight lost – 51.2 lbs, 2.4 lbs was lost on Christmas Day!

One more step from big to small!

December, 2 2012

The day before my birthday, we decided to go out for lunch as a Sunday school class. Going out to eat is no big deal as far as what I can eat. Every restaurant has some form of lean protein and also vegetables that I can eat. So, we go out to lunch and after lunch, one of my friends says that they need some help staying accountable to what they eat during the holidays. We come up with a challenge for the first one to lose 25 lbs. The winner is taken out by the other couple to a restaurant of their choice. Sounds like a good deal right? I was already on a roll of losing so I didn’t think that this would be too hard. I was figuring in 5 weeks I would be going out to lunch and not having to pay for it. What I already new however, was that I was a very competitive person. This challenge made me focus on everything I ate and when I ate it and what it was going to do to my weight loss. It was almost like I lost focus on changing my life and started to focus on winning a competition. Anyway, the competition was on and I was going for gold!

Results as of December 2, 2012: 7 weeks in.
Weight – 363.6
Total weight loss – 36.8 lbs
Total inches – 306.5
Total inches lost – 27.25

One more step from big to small!

Thanksgiving 2012

For some reason everyone that I came in contact with that new that I was trying to change my lifestyle said “You should have waited until after the holidays.” I disagree. I found it as a challenge and if I can make it through the holidays even losing weight over the holidays the everything was going to be easier from the on. So it was on, I was going to face my first holiday after choosing to change how I viewed food and my life. I no longer lived to eat, I ate to live. There is a big difference between having food be the reason for everything in life. For some reason Americans seem to have food for every occasion. Whether you are having a party, or getting together with family, or just meeting someone to talk about how things are going, it all seems to revolve around food. Lunch meetings, church potlucks, parties at work, everything has food, and a lot of it. I was living to eat, always looking forward to the next time I could get together with my friends for lunch. Now I had chosen to eat to live, looking at food as something to keep me alive and sustain my body so that I could have the energy to do things that I wanted to do. This changed my life! I finally had the power to say no to certain foods, and also to eating at every opportunity given to me.
Thanksgiving 2012 was going to be different for me this year than any other year that I can remember. I didn’t need the pumpkin pie, or the mashed potatoes smothered with gravy. I was actually looking forward to being able to say no to certain foods. We had the family get together for lunch and I did very well. Turkey and salad for me. No sweet potatoes, no pie, and no dinner rolls. Those were the things that thanksgiving dinner used to be all about for me. The results were amazing. I did not feel sleepy all afternoon like I always had when I gorged myself on all the typical foods. We got together with the other side of the family for dinner. Again, I just had lean protein, steak, and veggies, which consisted of coleslaw and Brussel sprouts.

According to my food log, I ate 1010 calories on thanksgiving day, which is about 3500 calories less than the American average for that day. The American average stands at 4500 calories on thanksgiving day and I used to eat at least that.

Results for thanksgiving day:
Calories consumed – 1010
Pounds lost on thanksgiving day – .2 lbs – not much lost but didn’t gain!
Pounds lost thanksgiving weekend – 3 lbs from Wednesday to Monday!

One more step from big to small!